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Preaching the Psalms
This course will explore the rich nature of the Hebrew poetry in the book of the Bible known as “Psalms” and will introduce students to homiletical techniques to apply the Psalms to the contemporary Church and world.


Systematic Theology II
Systematic Theology II is the careful analysis of the philosophical implications and the doctrinal content of faith as expressed in the doctrines, and theological writings of the Christian tradition. Confessional diversity is acknowledged and explored and constructive dialogue and mutual understanding are intended to foster appreciation of the faith of others as well as one’s own.


Systematic Theology I
This introductory course is intended for persons without any background knowledge in Christian Theology. It hopes to emphasize the importance of biblical, historical, philosophical and moral insights for understanding theology.


Reformed Spirituality
This course provides an introduction to the spiritual life of the individual and spirituality of the church as experienced in the Reformed Tradition. It examines the Biblical foundations, history, and theology of Reformed Spirituality.  The course will expose students to a variety of personal and communal spiritual experiences.


Pastoral Counselling II
This course is a continuation of Pastoral Counselling I, which gave the theoretical bases for biblically based counselling. In addition to basic reviews of the theories this course takes a very practical line, as it is primarily a simulated practicum. With counselling and leadership needs of church and community rising, this course is designed to assist prospective clergy and lay individuals who find themselves called upon to provide pastoral guidance and counselling to individuals and families.


Pastoral Counselling I
The course entails some of the basic theories and practice of counselling. The course covers counselling situations that arise wherever people meet and interact, including the offering of pastoral care where necessary.


New Testament Greek
This course is an introduction to New Testament Greek vocabulary, grammar and syntax with an introduction to the New Testament in Greek. It provides an introduction to the basic elements of New Testament Greek alphabet, grammar and syntax. It focuses on elementary explorations of translation, and its relation to reading.


Introduction to Sociology
This course is an introduction to the set of perspectives on human life that allows us to understand how our personal lives are affected by our place in society. It is designed not just to teach students some of the major findings of sociology, but to help them to master fundamental sociological skills.


Church History I From Dawn to Dark Ages
This course involves a survey of people and pathways in the early and medieval church.



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The Mission of SATC is to inspire and fulfil the call to spiritual enlightenment, empowerment, engagement and edification through ecumenical, inclusive, theological education.


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