GS 200 Gender Justice - A Theological Approach to Gender-Based Violence

September 17, 2021
12 Weeks
$ 1,500.00



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GS 200 Gender Justice – A Theological Approach to Gender-Based Violence

This course examines the contingent nature of gender as an identity factor within the context of other factors, such as gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, and social class, and how such factors are intertwined with relations of power in a prevailing climate of violence. It emphasizes the consequences of the distribution of inequality, and the ways in which individuals exert agency and challenge systems of inequality, and examines how justice may be sought and achieved

Course Details:

for 2021-2022 Academic Year Semester I

Course Code: GS 200
Course Title:Gender Justice – A Theological Approach to Gender-Based Violence
Credits: 3
Academic Year: 2021-2022

Date: Friday 17th September 2021
Time: 5.30 pm – 8.30 pm
Duration: 12 Weeks
Delivery: Online

Coordinated by: Reverend Sanya Beharry (PCTT) & World Council of Churches (WCC): Just Community of Women and Men


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