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Generally, Biblical Theology is a study of how God presents God self and God’s actions in the text of Scripture. It deals with matters internal to the Bible itself, treating the Bible as its own “narrative world.” It treats the Bible as a book with a history and the historical context is of supreme importance in interpreting a text. It is primarily a descriptive discipline. It is not initially concerned with the final meaning of the teachings of the Bible or their relevance for today. This is the task of systematic theology. However, it has the task of expounding the theology found in the Bible in its own historical setting, and its own terms, categories, and thought forms. Also it seeks to understand that story on its own terms and looks at what the Bible actually says and how it says it. It looks at patterns/types within Scripture, literary features, symbols. Biblical Theology is closely related to, if not inclusive of, biblical hermeneutics. Biblical Theology I is a survey of the writings that are sacred to both the Jewish and Christian traditions. It will examine the three parts of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament (Law, Prophets and Writings). The various types of literature of which the Old Testament is composed, e.g., narrative, law, prophetic oracle and poetry, will be analyzed according to both traditional and contemporary techniques of biblical interpretation. Special attention will be paid to major theological themes within the Old Testament, based upon the biblical text and the writings of major biblical theologians. The course will also consider the historical development and interrelationship of these themes throughout the successive periods of biblical history. A pre-requisite for this course is BS 100.


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