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Our History


St. Andrew’s Theological College, situated in San Fernando Trinidad, was founded in the year 1892, to provide training for Local Pastors of the Presbyterian Church in Trinidad. Later, it opened its doors to students of other denominations who received part of their training here before proceeding to other Theological Institutions. Although the Collegeis administered under the authority of the Synod of the Presbyterian Church in Trinidad, it is committed to theological training within an cumenical setting with both students and lecturers coming from other Christian denominations.

St. Andrew’s offers a variety of courses aimed at catering to a broad spectrum of interests such as those who want to have a better understanding of the Christian faith to enable them to be more effective Christian witnesses in the community. We also cater to those who are aiming to serve in the various Orders of the Church, either on a part-time or full-time basis. The location was Shady Grove on the Susamachar compound in San Fernando. At that opening Rev. Grant stated: “No church can expect any great success that has to rely upon an imported ministry.” In his opinion, it was “ increasingly imperative that our evangelists should be well instructed (so) that they may be qualified to teach others who are rapidly growing in knowledge.” In fact, as early as 1872 the theological training of local catechists had begun and by 1878 ten had been trained.

This original intent and purpose has remained the guiding light of Presbyterian theological education for the last 119 years. Significantly, the first staff of the PTC in 1892 included Rev. Lal Behari, the first local.

In 1904 the PTC was placed under the principalship of Rev. F.D. Coffin, who remained principal until 1915. This was a fertile time at the PTC, as indicated by the fact that in 1909 there were 75 men undergoing training. Dr. Coffin also introduced an additional purpose for the PTC, which was to educate and ensure that “the general body of our people (have) clear and intelligent views of Christian truth.” As with the original intent, this additional purpose has also been a clear focus of Presbyterian theological education over the years. Download History Profile



In its 120th year, St. Andrew’s Theological College (SATC was awarded Institutional Accreditation by the Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago (ACTT) on 19th July 2013.

With this, SATC joined the seven (7) other tertiary educational institutions who have satisfied the rigorous requirements for ACTT Institutional Accreditation which includes assessment by a team of External Evaluators.


SATC Principal, Rev. Elvis Elahie receives College’s Certificate of Institutional Accreditation from Minister of Tertiary Education and Skills Training, The Honourable Fazal Karim at ACTT Headoffice on 13th September 2013. Also pictured, is ACTT Chairman, Dr. Michael Dowlath







Our Organisation

Strategic Planning necessitated by the duties and responsibilities outlined in the Bye-Laws of the SATC215 has enabled the SATC to identify the need for a new organisational structure to satisfy the functional needs of the College. The image on the right is the new and current organisational structure in terms of Governance and Human Resource.

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Progress Report

We in Trinidad and Tobago, together with the rest of the Global Community, live in what is called 'The Information Age'. Technology (and in particular the internet) is one of the most significant factors influencing politics, governance, economics and culture. Religion is not exempt from this influence of technology.

The fundamental shift that faith based communities and institutions are faced with at this time, is the shift from authority based models of relationship to models that are information/knowledge based. This has had and will continue to have a significant effect on religious institutions like the Presbyterian Church of Trinidad and Tobago (PCTT).

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